DigiLevel Pro 120cm

DigiLevel Pro 120cm

DigiLevel Pro 120cm

Price: €196.90 ex. VAT


1. With laser dot:

  • Optical prolongation of spirit level. Heights and angles can easily be transferred with the laser dot 3 cm above the milled surface.

2. The intelligent spirit level:

  • The intelligent spirit level with vertical and horizontal angle display. The slope memory enables angles to be projected elsewhere. The separate measurement memory allows up to 9 measurement results to be retrieved and converted on the display into degrees, inch/feet or percent.

3. Optimal use by AutoSound:

  • Horizontal, vertical and 45° use with audible inclination guide. Easy levelling.


  • The display automaticly turns when overhead measurements are involved. So the illuminated display is well readable under all conditions.

Calibrating function:

  • For higher accuracy and adjustment to surface.

Additional features:

  • Vertical and horizontal vial
  • Milled measuring surfaces
  • Strong magnets
  • Product code: 081.216A