Privacy Statement

D&S Hardware values and respects the privacy of all our customers and visitors to our websites.

As a part of our eCommerce business on the D&S Hardware website, if you choose to buy any of our products or services you will be asked to provide information such as; name, address, phone numbers, email address, billing and shipping address which, if you choose to register, are retained. This information allows us to fulfil customer orders, provide information for delivery of goods and to keep a record of transactions for accounting purposes.

The D&S Hardware website also uses ‘cookies’ which are small pieces of technical data that are stored in your website browser. These cookies are essential to ensuring that our customers gain the maximum benefits from using the D&S Hardware website. Benefits of these cookies include; managing your shopping basket and gaining statistical usage information for the continuous improvement of the pages of the website. These cookies also allow D&S Hardware to personalise your online experience as a customer of the company. D&S Hardware may collect personal information from you regarding your order.  This information is processed in accordance with the Laws of The Republic of Ireland. This information may be retained by D&S Hardware but will never be passed to any third parties for mailing / marketing purposes or indeed for any other purpose.

We do not use cookies to collect any personally identifiable information (without your express permission) and it is possible to disable the cookies on your browser through the settings tab. It is also possible to delete cookies which are already in your browser, this can often be found within the history tab on the top of the Internet browser. Disabling and/or deleting cookies may result in you not getting the best experience from using the D&S Hardware website.

D&S Hardware may occasionally update this statement of privacy to reflect company and customer feedback. We invite you to contact us if you have questions about this policy.

Details of Cookies

 If you do not know what cookies are, or how to control or delete them, then we recommend you visit for detailed guidance.
functionality on the site will be broken.

Acknowledgment is made to Keymultimedia Ltd who have made available on their website a suggested template for informing website users about cookies, from which this section on cookies has been adapted