Ungaro - AQA - F Glass 6/24

Ungaro - AQA - F Glass 6/24

This boiler-stove is perfect for a new build or retrofit, with the flame effect to the room and also central heating ability. It ranges from 6 to 24 kW with automatic combustion modulation for central home heating. A frontal air blower will output up to 4 kW into the room keeping it at ambient temperature.

The Glass is a full glass display: Glass sides, glass top and full length glass double door.

Colour Availability;

Black, White, Sand, Bordeaux

All AQA models are WI-FI compatible as an optional add-on. All AQA models have programmable timers for the user to set at their preference.

Efficiency: On Max power: 91.5 % Efficient

Height: 1119 mm

Width: 602 mm

Depth: 581 mm

Heat output: 6.8 - 23.5 kW

Max power to water: 19.5 kW

Max power to air: 4 kW

Hourly pellet consumption: 1.4 - 5.4 kg

Heating area: 160m^2

Tank capacity: 35 kg

• Inox steel heat exchanger;
• Easy Clean ash box;

• Easy clean burn pot;
• Frontal ventilation;
• Double aesthetic and technical door;
• High resolution LCD display;
• 3 automatic programs;
• Automatic control of combustion power;
• Return probe for optimised modulation;
• Auxiliary contact for external thermostat;
• Multi system control (Boiler/Cylinder/Stratification);
• Digital pressure gauge;
• High-efficiency pump;
• Mechanical draft control;
• Water pressure safety control;
• Expansion vessel, 3 bar safety valve;
• Pressure relief valve
• Anti-vibration rubber pads.